Will Portugal Become The New Dunkirk?

Will Portugal Become The New Dunkirk?

The idea that Britain is mobilizing the military and perhaps a fleet of small boats to rescue Britain’s from Portugal if the system collapses is absurd. Or is there a civil war going on that I am unaware of?


If I was to put on my cynical hat, I would perhaps think that the UK government was trying to tempt those of us with deposits greater than €100,000, (which is the state guaranteed amount per bank per person in Portugal) to move there money back to the UK, saves them providing liquidity after all.


But lets say there is a financial Armageddon and the Banks wont give you any money and you forgot to fill up the car and didn’t have any spare cash, relatives or friends in the entire world that would help you.


Wouldn’t it be easier to send some chaps from the embassy down to the Airport and lend everyone a ticket. Send a few extra planes perhaps, its hard enough to persuade expatiates to leave war zones let alone predicting a mass exodus because they cant afford 55c for there morning coffee.


I also read that one of the reasons for an exodus could be because they wont be able to pay their mortgages and they will lose their Villas!!! What; tomorrow, most of us notice if we are not making our mortgage payments and have plenty of time to make arrangements. Besides are they now expecting us to believe that the Banks wont accept any money. Most expatiates with mortgages receive their money from their country of origin.


Don’t expect to see a flotilla of small boats turning up on a coastline in Portugal any time soon, or the British military, or the UN, or anyone else on a rescue mission, its a silly story and a silly idea.