Sarah Keogh Biography

Sarah KeoghSarah Keogh Biography

Sarah Keogh was born in Sutton Surrey on the 21st may 1974.
Sarah grew up and was educated in Shropshire and then later De Montfort University where she achieved a degree in fashion design.
Sarah currently lives in Portugal with her long term partner and 1 year old daughter, she is the managing director of a registered estate agents, Properties in Perfect Portugal more commonly known as P.P.Property.
Sarah is sole owner of the company and has been since its inception on the 4th January 2008, she has successfully steered the company through the financial crises and indeed has managed to grow the portfolio of properties and client base during this time.
Sarah works between the two branches of the company which are in Alvaiazere and Ansiao, Sarah’s interests include her pets, country walking, caravaning and travel, although she has had very little time lately for the latter.
Sarah intends to further expand the company as fast as the economic situation permits and is always on the lookout for new talent and partnerships.
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