Property West Algarve

Property West Algarve

Why 2012 is the Year to Invest in Property in the West Algarve

Since the start of the economic downturn investors have been snapping up bargains in the West Algarve and in some instances for less than fifty percent of the price at the height of the market.

As Portugal’s economy remains in the early stages of recovery, there are still plenty of good buys to be had. If the price of property has not yet persuaded you, then we’ve put together five other great reasons why investing in the West Algarve could appeal to you.

Many investors are seeing the popularity of Portugal and why it makes a wise investment. Property in West Algarve is breathtakingly beautiful no matter if you’re in Carvoeiro or Lagos. The housing located in Portugal is especially perfect for those looking for a holiday or retirement getaway. There are a variety of reasons to purchase property in Portugal and the West Algarve area. The following are five factors to mull over when thinking about investing in Portugal real estate.

1. The West Algarve cities are known to have the nicest climates in Europe, with temperatures considered to be quite pleasing. The region is the perfect spot year round with its mild winters and warm, balmy summers. The climate in West Algarve is far above the rest and ideal for those looking for vacation or retirement real estate in Lagos or Carvoeiro. The area is richly green and the conditions are perfect for swimming with just the right ratio of rain, sun and cloud cover. All of this makes possessing property in Portugal quite tempting.

2. The West Algarve area is easily accessible for travellers coming from surrounding areas throughout Europe. For those thinking about purchasing property in Portugal, you will be happy to know that the area supports a number of flights flying into the region from all areas of Portugal. Plus, those looking to access their dwelling via the many established roads and highways will have no problems reaching their destination anywhere, especially in the Lagos and Carvoeiro areas.

3. The most appealing feature in regards to the West Algarve area is the friendliness of the people. You’ll discover that owning property in Portugal and making the region your home will be easy because of the hospitable nature of its residents. A majority of the residents make English their language of choice moreover than Portuguese, especially due to the fact that many residents from the UK have retired or made the West Algarve area their main abode. Even getting around the region will be quite simple with most of the residents well versed in the English language.

4. The terrain is lush and untouched and visitors will be pleased with the breathtaking natural environment of the region. The air quality is excellent, because the West Algarve area has a small industrial community. West Algarve is also committed to preserving the wildlife and natural beauty of the area and they are proud of their accomplishments. Costa Vicentina is a local all-natural park and has remained untouched with its pristine coastline and magnificent beaches.

5. For those interested in enjoying an active lifestyle when living in West Algarve, you will be happy to know that the community has a bountiful list of activities with something for everyone. There is an endless array of choices for those that love the water. Whether it’s skiing, wind surfing, swimming or surfing, the area is perfect for those interested in taking advantage of the region’s water sports. Dry land enthusiasts can hike along the many nature trails, go bird watching or sit on a bench and drink in the breathtaking scenery. The region is rich in urban life with its abundant present day comforts and treasures that makes West Algarve the perfect setting to reside in.


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