Property In Lagos

Property In Lagos

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The property for sale in Lagos is the usual mix you would expect to find in a seaside town, there are more apartments for sale in Lagos than anything else but it is also possible to find villas for sale, rustic properties nearby along with town houses in the centre of the town.

Lagos is situated in the western Algarve and is perhaps one of the most visited towns in Portugal and for good reason there are a huge number of attractions in Lagos. The beaches around Lagos are golden and fine and the beachfront is littered with restaurants and bars.

At night there is always a party to be found in Lagos but it would be unfair to describe it as rowdy, this is partying on a most civilised scale.

There are a number of golf courses nearby the water parks and other theme parks are but a short journey away. public transport is laid on to all of the major attractions.

The outlying areas are not densely populated and you can still find rustic property for sale, agriculture is still the main source of income in these areas.

Lagos itself has a population of twenty thousand people which of course swells dramatically in the high season, most of the residents make there living through the tourist industry although fishing is still an important part of the economy.

Lagos has a long and checkered history, many of the caravels were built here for the Portuguese travelers of the fifteenth century. Lagos was one of the last cities to be taken from the Moors in the twelfth century, Before this both the Romans and the Visigoths had their time here.

With the tourist industry there will always come investment property opportunities and this is most certainly the case for Lagos as the popularity of this destination remains unabated. You can rent out your property in Lagos the year round with golfers always looking for a place to stay as well as those who like to take a break in the winter months.
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