Holidays in Portugal

Holidays in Portugal

were for a long time a thing that rich folk did, but with budget airlines and increased competition this has changed. For some time now the Algarve has been a popular family holiday location for Northern European families. With its pretty fishing villages and pristine beaches it has maintained its share of the market.

Now a new type of tourist is transforming the Portuguese countryside with rural tourism, becoming ever more popular. With the beautiful rivers, stunning mountains and new infrastructure taking shape serious investors are moving in and golf courses, marinas, wave machines, paragliding, par ascending, scuba diving, water skiing, rock climbing, walking, mountain biking, canoeing and good old lazing about in the sun are on the growing list of things to do in the interior.

There are many advantages the riversides are clean and very slow moving so no bad currents pollution controls are very tight so the water is clean you can find a lot of very quite picnic spots and the views of countryside and nature are wonderful. Holiday accommodation to is relatively inexpensive compared to the coast and lager louts are very thin on the ground. The choice of restaurants is more traditional outside of the big towns and the menus are mostly in Portuguese but most people find that part of the fun.

The Silver coast is gaining in popularity and has some lovely beaches, towns, and golf resorts along its shores. Plenty of historical interest to with Obidos and Batalha two of the places not to miss. I t has long been very popular with surfers and now kite surfers, that brings us to its one small let down wind and rough seas may be paradise to the surfing fraternity but not so great for bathing, even paddling can feel adventurous, but if its beaches that you want then they are lovely.

There is a marked increase in property enquiries concerning the holiday industry as people especially from the UK are looking to set up home in the sun and the availabilty of goverment grants for rural tourism is fueling the fire.