Gois property

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Price: €349000
City: Gois
Region: Central Portugal
Country: Portugal
Property Ref: S-885
Property Type: House

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The Property in Gois is already a popular choice with foreign nationals the area is one of outstanding natural beauty and the homes for sale in the region are as lovely as they are diverse. Gois is in the district of Coimbra and itself is a Concelho (municipality) and has within it five Parishes (Freguesias) Alvares, Cadafaz, Colmeal, Gois, Vila Nova do Ceira.

There are a number of rental properties and B&Bs in the area and the number is growing, with good reason. As the rural tourism market expands in central Portugal, so does the need for accommodation and in this particular region with its wealth of history and natural beauty there is a large demand.

If you want to get into the Gois property market then you must consider a few things firstly it is fairly remote and although a lot of people arrive in rural Portugal with idilic dreams of a lost house in the mountains the reality is not always the same thing.

It takes a good couple of hours to get to both of the international airports below are the travel distances and times to both Lisbon and Porto respectively according to
Time to Lisbon 03h05
of which 01h50 on motorways
Distance 250km which 192km on motorways and 55km on scenic roads.
Time To Porto 02h14 which Distance176km 127km on motorway and 36km on scenic roads.
This is about to change somewhat especially to Lisbon as a new highway is built over the next few years which will reduce the travelling times to and from the airports.