Caldas da Rainha Property

Caldas da Rainha Property

Information on Caldas da Rainha
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Caldas da Rainha

Is a city and a municipality on Portugal’s Silver Coast, it is located in the district of Leiria, this city enjoys fast access to beaches and the international airport of Lisbon.

The property in Caldas da Rainha is a blend of rustic countryside properties and town houses and apartments the population of the city itself is a little over 25,000 and the population of the Municipality is over 50,000, the city is best known for its hot springs and pottery industry.Caldas da Rainha has many art based industries and a school for design and ceramics in fact most of the numerous museums in the city are sculpture and ceramic based.

Founded by Queen Leanor in the 15th century probably due to therapeutic hot springs, at the site of which she had a hospital built, the hospital is still standing today and with five hundred years of history is one of the oldest hospitals of its kind in the world. Indeed the name of the town derives from this event and translates to Queens Spa.

The municipality of Caldas da Rainha is made up of 16 parishes:

  1. A-dos-Francos
  2. Alvorninha,
  3. Carvalhal
  4. Benfeito
  5. Coto
  6. Foz do Arelho,
  7. Landal
  8. Nadadouro
  9. Nossa Senhora do Pópulo,
  10. Salir de Matos
  11. Salir do Porto
  12. Santa Catarina
  13. Santo Onofre
  14. São Gregório
  15. Serra do Bouro
  16. Serra do Bouro
  17. Tornada
  18. Vidais

Caldas da Rainha has a lot to offer the Portugal property investor it is within 1 hour of Lisbon it is a short journey from the beach in fact the Municipality enjoys a coastline it has museums, parks and churches including a gothic masterpiece also commissioned by Queen Leanor in the 15th century so tourism and the industries of tourism are well supported in the region.