Buy to Let in Portugal

Buy to Let in Portugal

People and especially investors are more than ever looking at buy to let property opportunities in Portugal. Perhaps they want a second home or rural retreat, whilst enjoying an appreciating capital asset, and a real opportunity for rental income both long let and holiday let.

To make money quickly at comparatively low risk, then investing in buy to let property in the right location is about as smart as it gets, and with the UK market looking to take further hits for the next year or so, overseas property and in particular property in Portugal is starting to look better and better.

Investors more than ever are looking to “buy to let” property overseas, as they are often less expensive and the capital growth potential can be in excess of more established markets; and in the right area rental income can be a major factor.

Why Look at Overseas property. In the US, UK and Australia, real estate prices have seen massive increases in recent years, but the market is in free fall and we are seeing significant price falls.

The buy-to-let property market has become less profitable in many industrialized countries as over development and or slowing economic factors take there toll.

Where is best for capital growth and income. A lot is being made of the eastern European countries and they are indeed excellent value; however their rental income is not as great as it is in somewhere like Portugal, with winter lets sometimes virtually non existent.

Why Central Portugal. Central Portugal is becoming the popular choice for buy to let investors largely because of the new infrastructure that is growing in the area new airports, high speed rail links and an integrated road system all add up to one inescapable fact central Portugal property prices are about to jump inline with that of the Spanish property market.