Best Holiday Destinations

Best Holiday Destinations


Holidays in Portugal have traditional meant a holiday in the Algarve, times change though and so do habits. Portugal has so much more to offer than the Algarve, that is not to say there is anything wrong with the Algarve, I love it and occasionally take a holiday there myself.


But there is a huge coastline running up the western shoreline of Portugal that is virtually unknown to people outside of Portugal. It is true to say that a full English breakfast and a kiss me quick hat may be tricky to find, but all is not completely lost.


There are restaurants a plenty, offering anything from a burger to sophisticated seafood platters and all of this at a fraction of the price you are likely to find on any coastal area in Southern Europe.

Photogaphy By Russell Porcas

The beaches are clean and the sun shines in pretty much the same way as anywhere else in Portugal.

If you like to swim in the sea it is better to do a little research before you go, as a lot of this Atlantic coastline is a surf boarders dream, which makes it a bit rough for us mere mortals. The holiday resorts such as Figueira Do Foz are extremely popular with the Portuguese and also the Spanish but for reasons best known to Lunn Poly and the like they are almost unheard of in Northern Europe, the UK and beyond.

There is also plenty of culture to be found elsewhere in Portugal, with Templar castles, Roman ruins, Gothic palaces, and museums to explain their time as the worlds great adventures, all of this pointing to a history that has thrown up great artists, writers and adventurers. If you are looking for a cultural holiday destination then you hardly need to look further.


Portugal’s cities are also worth a visit especially Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra where the architecture, museums, theatres and restaurants are in great abundance.


Central Portugal is also steeped in history and natural wonders such as rivers, lakes, mountains and forests. Largely unspoilt central Portugal could take a good few holidays on its own to properly discover. Prices in this area are sometimes ridiculous an espresso coffee will set you back €0.50 and a decent lunch for €6 is not uncommon either. Accommodation in central Portugal is also inexpensive, a room can be easily found from €25 per night.


So Portugal is a great holiday destination even without the Algarve and I haven’t even got to the world class Golf courses that are dotted all over Portugal.