Buy In Portugal Rent In Britain

Buy In Portugal Rent In Britain.

Many of us at some time in our lives have a job or career that keeps us from our homes during working hours, we often lament on the fact so if you are struggling to enter the property market in the UK perhaps there is an alternative; buy a property in Portugal while still working in the UK. Your family could be living in one of the safest environments in Europe, while enjoying the Mediterranean style lifestyle and year round good weather which Portugal has to offer. With low property prices, it is far easier to get on the property ladder there and BPN bank amongst others, have made it clear that they are once again welcoming mortgages from overseas buyers.

As the pound increases in value against the Euro, which the majority of analysts predict it will, then the monthly price of your mortgage will get cheaper for you. There is exceptional value for money in Portugal and as the recession abates and Portugal joins the rest of Europe in economic performance there is every reason to suspect that property prices will rise in line with countries offering similar attractions namely sun, sea, golf and a laid back lifestyle.

Obviously the closer to the airport the better if you are only there for the weekend but with the road building program at full pace this is bringing far more of the interior and of course lower prices in to play. Be sure that if you are leaving your family there in the week that you choose an area that has other English speaking people there as this can go a long way to easing you and your family into a different culture. This is often reffered to as barbie buy abroad rent or room in Britain.