Property For Sale In Portugal

Why buy a property in Portugal?

Whether you are thinking of a lifestyle change, or a holiday home in the sun, Portugal is a great choice and should be high on your list. Portugal is a member of the European Union and has been since 1986. It is also part of the single currency, the Euro.
Read on; for just some of the reasons why you should make Portugal, your destination of choice and why you should think of investing in a property in Portugal.

Portugal Property

As we are a real estate company we shall start there.
There is a vast range of property, in an equally large array of destinations, but what attracts most people to Portugal is the price. Portugal property prices are amongst the lowest in southern Europe.

Cost of Living.

OK so you have bought your house, but now you have to spend time here and live. This is where Portugal has all of its competitors beat on a financial level. It is considerably cheaper to live in Portugal than in any country that is not neighbouring a war zone!!

Portugal’s Climate

Portugal has a very temperate climate and boasts three thousand hours of sunshine a year. The climate does differ somewhat in different regions, but long warm summers and short temperate winters are the norm, except in the mountains and the extreme North where longer periods of rain and even snow can be found.

Quality of life in Portugal.

For all sorts of reasons Portugal has an excellent quality of life. The weather, a relaxed approach to living, cost of living, low crime rate, secure and peaceful, abundant natural resources, clean air, the list goes on.

Portugal Health

The health service in Portugal is very good, there are health centres in most major towns and the hospitals are excellent and numerous. There is a high number of medical professionals per capita in Portugal.

The Portuguese

If you can find a more helpful, friendlier or accommodating people anywhere, then please let me know. They will always try their best to understand what you want and to fulfill your needs. Not just shopkeepers or someone trying to make a sale, it is just the Portuguese way. A good portion of the young Portuguese speak English and many of the older Portuguese speak French, most Portuguese can understand Spanish perfectly well.

Portugal’s Infrastructure

Portugal has a fine road network linking up its major cities and the rest of Europe via Spain. They are largely empty sometimes eerily so, it a real pleasure to drive on Portugal’s road network.
Increasingly many of the roads now have tolls , but it is easy enough to avoid them if you wish.
There are three international airports in Lisbon, Porto and Faro.
The train service is cheap, efficient and clean.
Buses in the cities are excellent, though somewhat infrequent in rural areas.

Recreation in Portugal

Nature offers some of Portugal’s finest recreational facilities and of course many of these are free, there is a rich abundance of rivers, lakes, mountains, forests and beaches. Portugal is also steeped in history, from prehistoric caves through Roman times, Medieval towns and Knights Templar castles.
The usual multiplex cinemas, shopping centres, gymnasiums and sports facilities are all available in most large towns and cities.
Alternative therapy centres, as well as more traditional spas can also be found.

Where is Portugal

Portugal is on the most Western tip of continental Europe, one of its borders is the Atlantic Ocean giving great access to the United States northern Europe and the Mediterranean. All of its other borders to the East and North are with Spain.

Food and Drink

Portuguese cuisine is varied, wholesome and tasty, it is invariably served with one of any number of Portuguese fine wines.

Buying a property in Portugal

You have now read several good reasons to come to Portugal and buy a property, but how difficult is it to achieve, very easy indeed is the answer to the question. The buying process is simple and uncomplicated. It can be fast and when using P.P.Property painless.
Click here for more information on the buying process in Portugal. We have a team of agents and administrative staff, that can smooth your transition from property searcher to property owner with the very minimum of fuss.